The 3rd place for Romania at Eurovision

The 3rd place for Romania at Eurovision

Oslo hosted the 55th edition of the Eurovision Song Contest at Telenor, following Alexander Rybak’s win at the 2009 contest in Moscow, with the song “Fairytale”.

Paula Seling and Ovi performed ‘Play With Fire’ 10th in the 2nd semi-final. The artists’ show began with them performing the song sitting on both sides of a “shine-through” double piano made by Paula Seling’s husband, enhanced by “white-glimmering” LED lights. They have four background vocalists Andreea Moldovan, Larisa Borza, Andrada Janette Suliman, and Elena Bianca Purcărea.

Romania finished on the 4th position with ‘Playing With Fire’ in the 2nd semi-final of Eurovision Song Contest 2010 and qualified for the Grand Final from 29th May; below are the points awarded to Romania.

Points awarded to Romania on 2nd semi-final

During the Grand Final, Paula  Seling and Ovi performed ‘Playing With Fire’ 11th on the occasion and came after results on the 3rd place with a total of 162 points awarded to Romania as results below.

This remains the country’s best result in the contest, alongside 2005’s “Let Me Try” by Luminița Anghel and Sistem.


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