Selecția Națională for Eurovision Song Contest Turin 2022

Selecția Națională for Eurovision Song Contest Turin 2022

The Romanian broadcaster TVR has announced the contests of the National Selection (Selecția Națională).

The jury composed from:

  • Alexandra Ungureanu (singer, National Finale 2003 participant, Asia Express Romania 2021)
  • Ozana Barabancea (well known jazz singer in Romania and no only)
  • Randi (singer and producer, juror in National Finale 2016)
  • Cristian Faur (composer of “Let Me Try”  represented by Luminița Anghel and SISTEM in the finale of Eurovision 2005)
  • Adrian Romcescu (the composer of “Eu cred/ I Believe” represented by Mălina Olinescu in the Eurovision Song Contest held in  Birmingham 1998)

The jury assessed 94th fully subscribed artists, along with their songs and only 46th songs passed on the semifinals.

The semifinalist are:

Alex Parker & Erik Frank & Bastien – “Best of me”

Aldo Blaga – “Embers”

Alexa – “Hoodies and cold nights”

Alina Amon – “Without you”

Ana Lazăr – “Youngster”

Andra Oproiu – “Younique”

Andrea Stocchino – “Avere paura” (To be afraid)

Andrei Petruş – “Take me”

ARIS – “Do Svidaniya” (Goodbye)

Ayona Iordănescu – “Let me come to you”

Barbara – “Hypnotized”

Bogdan Dumitraş – “Sign”

Carmen Trandafir – “Măşti” (Masks)

Cezar Ouatu – “For everyone”

Ciro De Luca – “Imperdonabile” (Unforgiveable)

Claudia, Minodora, Diana – “România mea” (My Romania)

Dan Helciug – “241”

Dora Gaitanovici – “Ana”

E-an-na – “Marele”

Eliza G – “The other half of me”

Eugenia Nicolae – “Doina”

Fabian Ferrara – “That way”

Forţele de muncă – “Hai afară, frate!” (Come out brother!)

Gabriel Basco – “One night”

Giulia-Georgia Beiliciu – “Find your way”

Ivelin Trakiyski – “Neverending”

Jessie – “Regret”

Kyrie Mendél – “Hurricane”

Letiţia Moisescu – “Mirunica”

Leyah – “I’ll be fine”

Mălina – “Prisoner”

Miryam – “Top of the rainbow”

MOISE – “Guilty”

Oana Tabultoc – “Utopia”

Olivia Miheţ – “Fragile”

Othello – “You’re worthy”

Outflow – “Running in circles”

Petra – “Ireligios” (Irreligious)

Popa Roberta-Maria – “Indigo”

Romeo Zaharia – “Until the fight is over”

Silvia Costache – “Save me”

Sophia – “Beautiful lies”

Stelian – “Remember”

VANU – “Never give up”

Vizi Imre – “Sparrow”

WRS – “Llámame” (Call me)


We, the ALLAROUNDTHEWORLD Team, wishing all the best to all the contests who will participate in the televised TVR semifinals on February 2022.

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