Follow-Up… Follow-Up… Follow-Up ROXEN

Follow-Up… Follow-Up… Follow-Up ROXEN

This post is addressed to all those who follow us, especially to those who follow the evolution of Romania in the Eurovision Song Contest.

I would like to propose to everyone to write and pronounce these two names: “Laura” and “Lora“. I would like to see if there is a difference in spelling or pronunciation.
I warn you that Romania is one of the 5 Latin languages closely related to the other Latin languages.

All answers are accepted by comments.

This video was officially released today, 3rd of May by the EBU on their official official YouTube channel.


“With poor English spelling”; as Wiwibloggs mentioned in one of their episodes, when Deban presented his Qualifier for the first semifinal. Roxen’s amnesia was one of them.

I did not find it remarkable, neither professional nor sustainable, that ROXEN should learn an adequate pronunciation of English, as long as OGAE (all OGAE associations) posted so far Romania with Roxen as having a better perspective through fans and the public. Resulting in a clear understanding of the text or message sent.

In order to clarify this I might remember on this post also Romanian entry on the Eurovision Spain Pre-Party; her attached.

I will appreciate if the Wiwibloggs and Deban, especially, with his collaborators will ‘mind the remarks’ and respect the music, musicians before making any other inappropriate comments which are not reliable on sources.

Click on the Wiwibloggs for hyperlink and full statement.

Ending this post within a nice bouzoukia dedicated to the members.

De azi îți dau un-follow…




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