Eurovision România 2020 #somthingelse #ealtceva

Eurovision România 2020 #somthingelse #ealtceva

TVR launches the Eurovision Song Contest 2020 (ESC 2020) project with a premiere approach for Romania, an approach used for many years successfully, in many other countries with impressive seniority and track record at this international music competition.

The Romanian television has decided on a new approach in the selection of the voice and, subsequently, of the songs that will enter the National Final from March 1, 2020.

The selection for the National Finals focuses, in a first phase, on the identification of the most representative voice, evaluated by a specialized commission on the basis of criteria such as vocal abilities, interpretation, musical empathy, expressiveness and so on.

After selecting the respective voice, a number of pieces, of which the best 5 will reach the National Finals, will be composed, based on its specificity, of the artist’s stamp and personality.

The selection of the 5 musical creations will be carried out by a specialized commission, whose members cover a wide range of fields and specializations (composers, textbooks, musicologists, producers/producers of radio and/or television entertainment, radio and/or musical directors television), taking into account the following parameters: musical form of the piece, orchestral arrangement, originality, stylistic diversity, and message.

On March 1, the National Final will bring the public in the foreground, as the main decision-making factor in the selection of the piece and the creative approach of the artistic moment that will represent Romania in Rotterdam.

The National Final will be a large show in which the National Jury and the public, in equal proportion of 50%, will vote each of the artistic moments proposed in order to select the best representation of Romania at ESC 2020. In case of equality, the public it is he who has the last word, his votes being the decisive ones.

The team of Eurovision Romania 2020 has Liana Stanciu as Head of Delegation (HoD), Elena Ştirbescu as the project manager, Smaranda Vornicu – Shalit – press relations manager (HoP), and Dan Manoliu artistic director.

Through the new project chosen for this edition, Romania aligns itself with the countries that have used and use a similar mechanism, with remarkable results frequently. Statistics show that, in the last 15 years, almost every edition of this competition has had in the top 3 of the international stage at least one piece selected by such method by the national broadcasters.

Source TVR

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