Paula and Ovi return at Eurovision Song Contest

Paula and Ovi return at Eurovision Song Contest

‘Miracle’ written by Beyond51, Frida Amundsen, Ovi, and Philip Halloun while the production was handled by Beyond51. The song was recorded by Paula and Ovi and has been released in February 2014.

“Miracle” has been described as a love-themed dance and Eurodance recording, featuring techno beats and a piano in its instrumentation. During the song’s bridge, Paula holds a note for 18 seconds.

(TVR) organized Selecția Națională on the 1st March 2014 where ‘Miracle’ came first with a total of 22 points (12 points from an expert jury panel and 10 points from the televoting). Paula Seling and Ovi performed “Miracle” on multiple occasions, conducting a tour in multiple European countries.

The Government of Romania provided Paula and Ovi’s team with over 259,000 lei, which part of was used for the making of the video. The video was filmed at the MediaPro Studios in Buftea, Romania by Alex Ceaușu, while make-up and hair styling were done by Romelia Pelin and Marius Costea. The choreography was created by Judith State and Mircea Andrei Ghinea, and clothes were provided by Amir Dobos and Magda Mohamed.

‘Miracle’ will represent Romania in the 2014 Eurovision Song Contest.

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