Nicola is representing Romania at Eurovision Song Contest

Nicola is representing Romania at Eurovision Song Contest

“Don’t Break My Heart” is a song recorded by Romanian singer Nicola. The song was written by her and produced by her husband, Mihai Alexandru.

Televiziunea Română (Romanian Television) held Selecția Națională (National Selection) on the 1st of March 2003 in Bucharest and Nicola was selected as the country’s representative after the votes of a professional jury panel (79 points) and the televoting were added together, resulting in 24 points.

The finale Eurovision Song Contest 2003 took place in Riga, Latvia at the Skonto Hall. Nicola performed in the 24th place in the finale, she wore a red jacket along with red trousers and performed in front of four background dancers who rotated over-dimensional discs in the colors of the Romanian flag.

Nicola finished in 10th place with a total of 73 points (12 points from Russia; 10 points from Spain; 8 points from Poland; 7 points from Bosnia-Herzegovina; 6 points from Austria, Israel, and Ukraine; 4 points from Germany, Greece, and France; 2 points from Cyprus and 1 point from Turkey, Croatia, Norway and Sweden). The TVR spokesperson was Leonard Miron.

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