About Us

About Us


We are deeply involved in all what means ‘Eurovision Song Contest‘, following the prestigious Song Contest for Romania debuted back in 1994. This is why we should promote the Romanian flag more often, the Romanian sound of music and the specific food dishes.

We got involved in the Eurovision Song Contest as kids back in 94 with Școala Vedetelor.

Today, We are one of a growing travel agent company from World Travel Management promoting Romania and our highlights are to organize almost any specialized wish for individual travelers and groups AllAroundTheWorld.

  • Our team has a lot of experience and professionalism in this industry.
  • We ran a variety of activity-oriented circuits for our group and individual visits and were able to master them very effectively.
  • Our mandate is to ensure the quality and excellence of our customers quickly and exclusively.

Ultimately, our strategy is too sharp the best prices with high quality services to our esteemed clients. We simply cannot afford to lose the visitor at all costs.

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