Self Love, Amnesia

Self Love, Amnesia

Good afternoon everyone,

We are on the 1st of July 2021.

We would like to thank everyone who supported the Romanian entry in the Eurovision Song Festival. Everyone who voted and everyone who likes and share our entry of this year on Ahoy Main Stage in Rotterdam, The Nederland’s.

We would like your opinion about this video.

All comments will be appreciated thorough the comment section or via Facebook Official page.

This is our statement related to Eurovision Song Contest 2021


We appreciate TVR’s decision for getting into such a competition of European Songs.

We believe that TVR done a great job along with all the crew.

We also believe that Roxen was exceptional on the stage and that’s the only truth.

We truly believe in Roxen and TVR and hope in a 2022 exceptional in the most Latin country called… Italy.

We would take thins opportunity to thank to OGAE Romania, our friend for sharing our moments on Rotterdam and also to Mr Kevin J. Sherwin and his contribution with, to Romanian entries in the Eurovision.

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