Romania in the 2009 Eurovision Song Contest

Romania in the 2009 Eurovision Song Contest

The Eurovision Song Contest 2009 was held in Moscow at the Olympic Indoor Arena with two semifinals one on the 12 and 14th of May following the finale of the contest in the 16th May. Elena participating with ‘The Balkan Girls’ in the first semi-final.

Elena’s female dancers from the Selecția Națională also danced in Moscow, and Lucia Dumitrescu provided background vocals. Russian customs officials questioned the purpose of a 100-kilogram (220 lb) fiberglass-and-polyurethane throne used on the show when the singer’s entourage brought it into the country. Elena’s choreography and graphics were inspired by the Isles, feminine creatures in Romanian mythology.

Elena finished 9th in the first semi-final with 67 points and qualified for the Grand Final of Eurovision Song Contest 2009.

Semi-Finale 1

In the Grand Final on the 16th May 2019, Elena reached the 19th place with 40 points.

Grand Final


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