Romanian entry for Eurovision Song Contest 2005

Romanian entry for Eurovision Song Contest 2005

“Let Me Try” is a song recorded by Romanian singer Luminița Anghel and Romanian percussion band Sistem, consisting of Toth Zoltan, Mihai Ciprian Rogojan, Claudiu Purcărin, Robert Magheti, and Florin Cătălin Romaşcu.

“Let Me Try” was released as a CD single in 2005 by the Romanian Television (TVR).

“Let Me Try” was composed and wrote Cristian Faur for Luminița Anghel, who subsequently recorded it in collaboration with Sistem.

“Let Me Try” represented Romania in Eurovision Song Contest after winning the pre-selection show ‘Selecția Națională’ organized by the TVR, even after the second-placed Romanian singer Loredana Groza accused TVR of conspiracy and arranged the voting.

“Let Me Try” finished 1st the live show of the Eurovision Song Contest 2005 semifinal with a totaling of 235 points as is presented below conform Wikipedia:

For the first time in the Romanian history of participation “Let Me Try” passed the semifinal of Eurovision Song Contest which was held at the Palace of Sports in Kyiv after Ruslana’s win at the 2004 Contest in Istanbul, Turkey with the song “Wild Dances”.

Musical critics mentioned about the originality of the song giving also tribute to Luminița’s vocal delivered during Romanian’s performance on the night of Thursdays, 19th of May 2005.

“Let Me Try” was quailifed by far with 235 points on the first place for the finale of Eurovision Song Contest 2005 which was held on the night of Saturday, 21st of May 2005 at Palace of Sports in Kiev.

During the finale, Romania finished on the 3rd position with Luminița Anghel and Sistem and the song  “Let Me Try” cumulated a total of 158 points which were offere as shows on the graphic attached below:

On the 2nd place Chiara from Malta perfomer Angel with 192 points and the winner Helena Paparizou from Greece with her ‘Her Number One’ totaling a number of  230 points.



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